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(The next dice update will be in our Etsy shop on December 5th at 5:00 PM Pacific Time! Watch our Twitter and Instagram feeds for previews of the sets and singles that will be coming.)

Dice FAQ

Q: What dice styles and price ranges are usually included in the shop updates?

A: Dice updates typically include full sets ($80 – $100), single D20s ($20 – $30), and mini dice sets ($50 – $70). Prices vary based on the complexity of the dice designs.

Q: Who makes your dice?

A: We do! The two of us mold, mix, cast, polish, and ink each die by hand. Our dice are never mass-produced, and every pour is unique.

Q: Are your dice balanced?

A: Yes and no! In general, our dice are just as well balanced as any standard commercial dice. We do our best to create balanced dice by using a pressure pot to eliminate bubbles, casting using molds that we made from balanced dice, and avoiding any inclusions that would throw off the balance. However, since it’s almost impossible for any dice – including mass-produced dice – to be perfectly balanced, we don’t make any guarantees about the balance of our dice.

(Note: Occasionally we do use inclusions with a different weight that may noticeably affect the rolls! In these cases, we clearly indicate in the listing that the dice are unbalanced and intended to be art.)

Q: Do you take custom orders?

A: We are not currently accepting custom orders, but may open them in the future. Follow us on Instagram or Twitter for announcements on this topic.